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Volume 12, No. 4, Winter 2004

Slovak Heritage Live

A quarterly newsletter published by Vladimir Linder

Winter issue was published in November 2004 and it was mailed to 1200 recipients world wide. 

St. Mary from the main altar of St. James church in Levoča

My apologies to all the readers for being late with the last two issues. After my return from Slovakia in summer I was really busy and I didn’t manage to finish the issues prior to my departure to USA in mid September. Maria and I went to visit my friend Jela Basista in Albuquerque, New Mexico, whose story you may have read in Story of Jelka, Volume 2, No.1, Spring 1994 and The Story that Changed my life, Volume 7, No.4, Winter 1999. More on the visit on following pages. We started by going through Washington to Oregon’s Crater Lake and we continued to California Napa and Sonoma Valleys wine country and visited Santa Rosa and Castiloga. We really liked the charm of Castiloga. From there we went to San Francisco and due to the fog despite driving the Golden Gate bridge, we didn’t see it, not even from the shore. From there we went trough California to Las Vegas visiting my former boss in Henderson, Hyatt lake resort. Then we went to Arizona’s Meteorite Crater, traveled on the legendary Route 66 and soon we were in Albuquerque. This weekend was also the beginning of the 33 world famous Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta and Sunday early morning we went to the morning’s pre-dawn Opening Ceremonies and the unforgettable Mass Ascension–where over 750 hot air balloons took off, turning the sky into a virtual rainbow of colors. We also visited Santa Fee.

Vinšujem Vám na tieto sviatky,

najprv šťastia zdravia hojniho Božieho požehnania.

Na poli úrody a plnie stodoly,

V komore hojnosť, v pitvore svornosť,

V izbe radosť a úprimnosť,

A Vám všetkým dobrího zdravia.

Toto vinšujem Vám gazda i Vám gazdinná,

Vašim dietkam i celej rodine.

This time I few Lufthansa again to Frankfurt and then on to Vienna. Due to the late arrival from Frankfurt, our departure was hour behind schedule. However we arrived in Frankfurt only half hour late and I was able to catch the plane to Vienna which was also late arriving and therefore late in departing. The flight to Frankfurt was very quiet as their video system stopped working shortly after beginning of the first movie. The service was good, the first meal was some kind of a stew with dumplings, passable, but the breakfast that consisted of omelet with some strange things I didn’t like at all, and I didn’t finish.
Over all it wasn’t a bad flight. We arrived in Vienna few minutes late. My friend picked me up and soon we were at the border. The Austrians stamped my passport, but on Slovak side of the borer there was one lonely uniformed man, I guess a customs officer who briefly went over the passports, didn’t ask any questions and waved us through. There were no lineups at all. I arrived early for my car pick up at ADVANTAGE CAR RENTALS and there was nobody in their office. My cell phone was charged up with electricity, but I only had credit of few Slovak crowns. So my phone call to Advantage Car rental went dead shortly after beginning. But the great guys from Advantage Car rentals called me right away back and told me that they just finished putting on winter tires and that they will be there in few minutes. And they were really there in few minutes. We finished the paper work, I charged the amount on my VISA card, and soon I was off. My first stop was at Mira Dula’s family, who you may recall from long time cooperation with Slovak Heritage Live as a correspondent writer and book reviewer. Mira is also a professional translator. I brought some books for her that she ordered. At 6:00 PM I had an appointment with my hairdresser, as my hair was really long and I do like short hair. It cost me CAD$20.00 for a hair cut in Vancouver and in Bratislava 55.00 Sk, which is about CA$ 2.10 without the tip. I always get a great haircut from my hairdresser. Later on I arrived at my place in Bratislava, phoned my sister who also lives there and around 8:30 PM, I went for a beer at the pub to meet my old friends. Due to several soccer matches around Europe only a handful shown up as most of my friends ended up watching the TV’s.

I took some sleeping pills and slept like baby until about 6:00AM. It was still dark outside when I waked up but I took a great shower and dressed and I was off to a photographer, to take pictures or my Slovak Identity card, which is expiring in November. Pictures were ready in few minutes and the cost of 4 pictures was 150.00 Sk, about US$5.10. We had a good laugh with the photographer after I said that what God didn’t give me in my looks, she can’t put on for him. From there I went to the police station for the part of the town I live, where they store the evidence cards used for issuing the Identity Cards (similar tour Social Insurance number or Green Card in USA). I waited about 10 minutes. The way the system works there is that you wait outside the office and everything takes place behind closed doors. You only enter when the person in front of you is walking out of the office...

By:Katarína Koštialová

Christmas and New Year period belongs to the most beautiful holiday days in the year. Complex ceremonies and magical services that are closely tied to the winter cycle belong from the calendar customs undoubtedly to the richest, most interesting, but also the most complicated.
Different cultural layers intermingle in Christmas holidays. Cult roots of Christmas were associated in the past with pagan’s solstice celebrations connected with welcoming of born again sun. Under the influence of Christianity, during centuries, the new birth of sun wasn’t the central event any more, but the Christ’s birth that enhanced the old tradition with new motive.
The original solar celebrations started to interline with Christian ceremonies in our and other European cultures. The older layer of ceremonies was focused mostly to secure general prosperity of farm, family, health, life, to forecast harvest, peoples destinies, marriage, birth and death, respecting the cult of death forefathers. On the other side evolutionary younger are customs motivated by Christian’s legends...

Mons. ThDr. ŠTEFAN BARNÁŠ (1900-1964)
Bishop, Tomistic philosopher and theologian, sufferer for faith

By: Mons. Prof. ThDr.PaedDr.ICDr.František Dlugoš

Štefan Barnáš, Spiš’s assisting bishop, sufferer for freedom of the Church and his nation belongs to the number of Slovak martyrs and sufferers in after war and forced labor camps. Without any doubts he occupies an honorable place along Spiš’s bishop Ján Vojtaššák
He is a true Christ’s witness and martyr in fight for victory of truth, goodness, and beauty…

Štefan Barnáš was born January 19, 1900 in Slovenská Ves, district Kežmarok. He was from a farmer family, father Ján and mother Zuzana, nee Laufíková. He studied at Piarist Gymnasium in Podolínec, premonstrate gymnasium in Rožňava, he graduated in Košice in 1919. He started to study theology in Spiš’s Chapter and continued in Prague where he was sent together with Frank Skyšák by spiš’s bishop ján Vojtaššák. He was ordained to priesthood June 29, 1925 in Spiš’s Chapter.

After his ordination he was a chaplain in Námestovo and from 1927 administrator of Liptpvské Revúce parish. In 1931 he became a Doctor of theology. From January 1, 1933 he was a professor of dogmatic, apologetic, Christian philosophy, Hebrew language, and biblical archeology in Spišs Chapter as well as prefect of priest’s seminary. Gradually he had following functions: Pro synod examiner (1935), deputy rector of the seminary ( 1937), censor of diocese (1942), from December 5, 1945 rector of the seminary, ecclesial law judge (1949). On August 22, 1947 he was named Papal prelate and as well he was in the function of diocese director of Central Charity in Slovakia...

Cadastral area: Demänovská Dolina
District: Liptovský Mikuláš
Reqion: Žilina

Demänovská Ice Cave is situated on the right‑hand slopes of the Demänovská Valley in the northern part of the Low Tatras National Park. Entrance to the cave is in the cliff called Bašta (Bastion), 840 meters above the sea level.
t was formed in the Middle Triassic Gutenstein limestones of the Križanský nappe along the tectonic faults by the former underground flow of Demänovka at three developmental levels. It represents the former spring part of the Demänová Cave System. The cave is 1750 meters long...

Country dignitary and great land owner

He was born on March 6,1695 in Urmín (Mojmírovce) and passed away on December 1, 1771 in Hungarian Čemer.
His destiny was very interesting. He came from original Serbian aristocrat family, who in the half of the 17th century gained land in today’s territory of Slovakia. His father Ján Grasalkovič was the administrator of Beckov castle. His mother Zuzana, nee Egrešdi. Anton was married three times and raised 4 daughters and two sons.
He studied at gymnasium in Nitra and private law in Trnava with Andrej Dubnický. He pledged attorney’s allegiance in 1715. He was notary of royal tribunal. From 1720 he was attorney of Vác’s bishop’s office and royal attorney, from 1724 chamber advisor, 1731 royal personal, 1751 guardian of the Hungarian crown jewels, he was real secret advisor, royal horseman, Arad and Newcastle’s provincial.
Disciple of Hapsburgs, expert in Hungarian law, national economy, good organizer. With his lobbying in the Hungarian senate he contributed to election of František Lotrinský, the husband of Maria Theresia, to became her co ruler. With his merit of arming and supplying the army, the army was successful in Prussian- Austrian wars.
Under his leadership the royal income grew. He designed and realized plan for simplification of activities of chamber, he helped solving problems with foreign trade, collecting duties, and he dealt with strengthening of currency. For all this he was enjoying favor of Hapsburgs, especially of Maria Therezia...


ASTOR Slovakia s. r. o.
Edition 2004/2005

This is the new edition of the travel guide, which is published each and every year.
This year’s version has 477 pages and the structure of the book is identical with the previous versions (see previous copies of the Slovak Heritage Live).
I would like to underline, that it is again a three-lingual version -English, German and Slovak language.
Those readers, who would prefer to find it on web, the appropriate place where to look for it would be 

100 pages

As usually, the road atlas presents city maps, index of border-crossing points, Slovak Republic in scale 1:1 450 000, table of distances, road map of the Slovak Republic in scale 1:190 000 and an index of names.
is useful to mention that the text is again in three languages: Slovak, German, and English.

Roads, regulations, and services in 35 countries
Updated by the enlarged European Union
Publisher ASTOR SLOVAKIA s. r. o.
228 pages

In this guide, readers will find all necessary information for traveling throughout Europe as well as basic information concerning individual countries.
Unfortunately, the Guide is only in the Slovak language, but it presents also distances and very useful maps.

A small book with great contents – even in four languages – German, Spanish, Slovak, and English presents up to 30 best restaurants in Slovakia. The short description is followed by picture of the Gourmand Menu and a few details about each restaurant (address, phone number, open, card, language and price of a menu).
Unfortunately, this book is not intended for sale and distributed according to Diners Club instructions.

  Reviewed by: Miroslava Dulová

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